Aspen Nutritionals is committed to complying with all regulatory protocols and accreditation requirements in respect of its manufacturing facility.

FSSI ISO 22000 Certificate (293.8 KiB)

FSSI HACCP Certificate (279.8 KiB)

HACCP Certificate 2011 (76.4 KiB)

NRCS E Mark Certificate (421.6 KiB)

Hygiene Certification 2009 (81.4 KiB)

Kashrut Certificate 2011 (1.2 MiB)

Vet Certificate 2012 (361.9 KiB)

 Aspen Nutritionals raises the bar on food safety

Aspen Nutritionals has been a HACCP approved and certified manufacturer of infant milk formula since 2003 and recognizes that cost effective, profitable quality and environmental management is best achieved through the systematic approach of Quality Assurance, whereby standards are designed into the process in order to produce and supply consistently safe, quality products to our customers’ specifications over and above our legal obligation.

Aspen Nutritionals fully supports a culture of continuous improvement and thus attaining ISO 22000 was a natural progression. Our Food Safety and Quality Management System defines our business policies, by application of the principles of SANS 10330, SANS 10049, ISO 22000 and PAS220, in conjunction with current legislation, Industry Best Practices, specific customer requirements, relevant third party standards and a diligent commitment to testing.

This is achieved through: 

  • Prevention Based Microbiological Environmental Program
  • Food Safety and current Good Manufacturing Practices Audits
  • Product Traceability
  • Allergen Control
  • Supplier Quality Assurance and Food safety management
  • Chain control including a robust Contaminants programme
  • Recall and Crisis Management