About Aspen Nutritionals

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Aspen’s Clayville-based facility located in Gauteng, South Africa, scientifically manufactures nutritional products that comply with a vast range of global regulatory protocols. Production takes place in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) and all processes are HACCP certified through Food Safety Services International (FSSI) which is accredited with the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS).

Up to sixty individual physical, sensorial, chemical and microbiological tests are performed on every single batch number of nutritional products to ensure that the food safety of our customers is protected 100%.

Additionally a complete stability programme is in place to ensure continued suitability, safety and efficacy of all nutritional products up to the shelf life of each product.

Brief Manufacturing Overview

  • The ingredients used are of a suitable food grade and comply with the declared characteristics and requirements defined in South African food legislation.
  • The additives, if used, fully conform to the requirements prescribed in the South African food legislation.
  • Aspen Nutritionals’ manufacturing facility is HACCP and ISO 22000 registered with FSSI, a SANAS accredited body – registration number ISO 22000 FSMS 14a and HACCP FSMS 14b.
  • The Aspen Nutritionals facility complies with exports requirements to export dairy products certified by the Department of Agriculture (registration number ZA 5/44).

Raw materials

Raw material is customarily procured through a certified supplier together with the appropriate certificates of analysis. In differing instances, all incoming batches of raw materials are checked on identity and controlled by chemical, physical and microbiological methods.

Quality Assurance

All products are manufactured according to Aspen Nutritionals’ prescribed production methods which form part of the Quality Assurance protocols.  During the different stages of the manufacturing process including wet processing, spray drying, dry blending and filling, each batch is analysed for relevant chemical, microbiological and physical properties. The process is further controlled by continuously monitoring critical control points such as pasteurization.

All quality control data is evaluated prior to final product being released to the market and data relating to all batches of product is systematically filed and stored.

Aspen Nutritionals has always been, and remains committed to ensuring that when you purchase one of our nutritional products, you can do so with confidence and the assurance that Aspen Nutritionals’ quality products are scientifically manufactured in compliance with the highest international standards.